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The Cermonial Calendar consists of a round wooden face with a diameter of 36.5”, divided like a pie into twelve equal sections. The face rotates around a central steel rod that is fixed to the center of the cabinet behind. The rotation of the face is controlled by a large steel ratchet gear with fifty-two teeth, mounted at the end of the arbor and in front of the face. One of the sections has a round aperture cut through the wide end of the wedge, allowing the user to see into, and to access the contents of the cabinet behind. One can rotate the face clockwise by turning a small round steel handle mounted opposite the aperture. Lines scribed into the wooden cabinet back mimic the radiating pattern of the face of the cabinet. The cabinet houses twelve steel canisters that measure approximately 4” in diameter by 6” in length. These canisters are mounted horizontally to the cabinet back so that only the end of the canister is visible through the aperture on the face.

Ceremonial Calendar
Ceremonial Calendar
wood, steel
36" dia, 8" deep